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FAQ – Vegan Shape System
Whats expecting me at the Vegan shape system?
I make this one short and concise for you:
Healthy and sustainable weight loss, suitable for everyone.
Plus the ability to eat more and weigh less while still feeling amazing.
Is it hard following the Vegan Shape System?
The Vegan Shape System is a step by step plan, showing you how you can stay slim forever with as little effort as possible. We tried to make it as simple and easy as possible. Everyone can do it.
Do I get all of the essential nutrients when I follow a vegan diet?
The vegan nutrition is the healthiest diet there is in my opinion. But it's not perfect. 
The vegan diet is deficient in Vitamin B12.
The best way to get Vitamin B12 is with a fairly low priced supplement, that you take once a day or once a week depending on the dosage.
What exactly makes the Vegan shape system different from other diets?
 The Vegan Shape System focuses on making you able to eat more of the good foods. This won't lead to constant hunger and weakness, because you're focused on the foods that will better your weight loss, health and your mental well-being in the long-term.
Is there a Yo-Yo Effect at the Vegan shape system?
No. the Vegan Shape System focuses on a transition to a healthier diet in general, which brings along other great side effects. Such as more energy and a better body weight. And the best of it: The body weight will stay at exactly the place you wanted it to be in the first place.

But- Don’t Take My Word For It

"Following a plant-rich diet can lead to greater physical and psychological health and well-being. Changing your diet can be such a powerful step, that nearly every individual should consider doing it in my opinion. Im following a vegan diet since 2012."

M.D. Tina Jasmin Köhn

Specialist in internal medicine

"The vegan shape system helped me lose weight for my fitness competition in 2016. I came to the conclusion that a healthy diet will not only make you look amazing, but it also makes you feel better than you ever did before."

Selin Tellici

Prof. Fitness Athlete

"After just two months of following a vegan diet, my results at the Vitality and Health Assessment from my local fitness studio skyrocketed. It wasn't a big surprise to be honest though, because I indeed feel healthier and happier now than I ever did before."

Pierin Frizzoni

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Vegan Shape System 

  • How to lose weight the healthy, ethical and easy way
  • How to eat more and still lose weight
  • The tools to make your diet sustainable so you don't suffer from the Yo-Yo effect
  • How to exercise to get to the body you want
  • Psychological hacks to better eating
  • Uncommon products that will help you boost your diet
  • Over 20 fully animated Videos and recipes to help you get to your goals as fast as possible

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